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TRC Construction Services Inc. has been in business since 1988 and knows that it is more than just concrete and steel that goes into a building – It is understanding the expectations and vision of our customers. We have project managers and superintendents that have in excess 25 years of experience combined with an understanding that the project is the implementation of the owner's vision and dream. We have demonstrated reliability and expertise in hundreds of construction projects and realize our greatest testament is the amount of repeat business we receive.

From General Contracting to Concrete Structures, our firm strives to provide the very best in client relations by providing detailed explanations of all factors of their job. We realize that it is the owner that operates their structure and we want them to understand where funds are being spent. To allow for informed decision making, every estimate is methodically analyzed by our entire team in an effort to provide the owner with a complete list of costs. This is one factor which separates TRC CSI from other firms.

We provide Construction Services

Experienced Engineers & High Level Contractors

Contracting civil engineers turn the plans of consulting civil engineers (designers) into reality. They oversee the actual construction on the ground and work in conjunction with consulting engineers. All civil engineers need a good understanding of design and construction processes, as well as of health and safety issues.

Our Strengths


Customer needs have been the driving force in the diversification of TRC's services. Our focus is in meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.


We share internal knowledge, invest in technology and proactively seek new ways to deliver projects and services in advance of our competition.


We are committed to excellence in design and deliver investing in our people and improving our processes for handling consumers’ needs.

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